It requires a perspective (past) and a vision (future).

Kilpatrick Companies knows employers provide benefits to maximize their power in attracting and retaining the best employees. Benefits are a huge investment. For each client, realizing the optimal return on investment requires a unique balance of benefits, cost, and contribution that meets employee demand. For individuals, benefits are a personal experience. Kilpatrick Companies marketed small group solutions before the small group market formally existed in Texas. We innovated one of the first PPO networks in Texas. We know that health reform is creating a radical paradigm shift in each market segment. Kilpatrick Companies is leading the migration to self-funding for small employers that are most adversely affected. For larger employers, Kilpatrick Companies works daily with agents to design benefit programs that are compliant, unique, and that meet the financial interests of the client.

Kilpatrick Companies understands that brokers must provide resources, expertise, and value-added services to their clients. With a constant eye on industry news, we make information readily available through a multitude of new and dynamic communication tools so they remain at the forefront of the market.

Kilpatrick Companies knows employers opt out of Workers Compensation in order to reduce costs and gain power over their programs. We developed the Non-Subscription market before the industry existed. We developed the first non-subscription product and maintain a complete portfolio of available products across the entire segment.

Kilpatrick Companies pays attention to trends, we pay attention to futures and we pay attention to the details. It’s our business to provide brokers with innovative tools and solutions and opportunities well in advance of their competitors. We will remain in the forefront of any developing marketplace and will continue to develop some ourselves.

We are the future of the sophisticated General Agency.